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LF WvW Guild on Sorrow's Furnace

I didn't realize how the server's switch the players you can play with. I'm returning to the game and want to play wvw and make some new friends. My friends and I started a guild when the game first came out, I don't mind building that up either if there are zero wvw guilds on the server.


  • Hey, if you're interested, we're on SoR, here's a bit about us if it might interest you:

    We're just looking for active people who want to play everything GW2 has to offer. Laid back in almost every aspect. We have plans to put together a 10 person WvW/GvG group, also have plans for daily dungeon running/raid groups. [GoPK] Guild of the Primeval Kings is a new guild made up of a few old players from launch of the base game. We used to be in an old WvW guild named Feelings Aren't Required[FEAR]. We need officers who are experienced in PvE/WvW/sPvP. Must be able to show knowledge of basic META builds. So if you're interested, shoot me a message on here or message us in game. DonFoe.9604 or LostBalloon.6423
    Additionnal info: We have a guild hall & a discord is available.

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    Are you still looking for a WvW guild?