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[NA][PvE]The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for New Members!



  • Hello, I'm interested in joining. Trying to get back into the swing of things in GW2 and get into more of the PvE content outside just world bosses and bounties.

  • andy.5781andy.5781 Member

    returning player from gw1, have all gw2 content looking at getting back into gw /gw2 but need a active guild to assist and guide me along the way, happy to learn and jump on discord etc, just downloading the game now

  • Hi! I am a human warrior I would like to join your guild. I own the expansions and am playing the free expansion.

  • Invites sent out!

  • Bimmles.7890Bimmles.7890 Member
    edited May 31, 2020

    Hey! I am somewhat of a returning/new player. I've played in the past, but didn't get that far. But I believe I'll play a lot more this time. If there's still space, I would love to get invited into the guild! =) My IGN is Bimmlex if that helps. Thanks!

  • Hey I'm a returning player. Looking for a guild to do stuff. Would be cool to get back into a community of sorts.

  • Invites sent out! We're still looking for new members!

  • Hi! Looking for a family-like community to have fun with. I don't have a mic yet, but I have an order in for one!

    Resident Weeb and Woman of Culture

  • I'ma long-time casual player looking for a group such as this to enjoy everything GW2 has to offer with. I'd love an invite!

  • Engebe.1527Engebe.1527 Member
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    Hey, I am a returning player and I would be interested in joining your guild.

  • We've recruited a lot of wonderful people from here. We are still actively recruiting members!

  • Hey there, I just started a few weeks ago. I finished the main story and path of fire story so far. I'm looking for a guild to point me in the right direction when it comes to fractals, dungeons, and raids! Thanks for your time!

  • zaekeon.5128zaekeon.5128 Member ✭✭✭

    Hello! I am interested in joining your guild.

  • Invites sent out!

  • digglur.7285digglur.7285 Member ✭✭

    Hi @DivineBenediction.1870 I would like to see if The Zephyr Knights is a good fit for me. I’m a 37 yo PVE casual God on Blackgate. Look forward to hearing back!

  • Hello! My boyfriend and I started playing a few weeks ago, very casually, and we are now looking for a guild to have more fun! We mainly do PvE but are very opened to try other modes as we discover the game. Hope to hear from you soon!!
    His name is TarteTatin.4051

  • Very interested in joining, returning to the game now after a two year break. Have a fresh level 80 with a new account, looking forward to joining a guild!

  • All invites sent out!

  • Hello. I'm not sure if you're still looking for new members, but if so, I'd be interested in joining. I'm a pretty casual player and don't get to be on as much as I'd like, but I'm hoping to make some connections and learn more about what this game has to offer (I don't know much).

  • Hello! I'm interested in joining the guild. Returning player here that's been very active for the past couple of weeks.

  • Howdy!

    I'm interested in joining your guild. I'm an experienced/returning player - I've played on and off since the beginning of the Headstart before core launch. My expertise is in general PvE content. I'd be able to fill spots in Dungeon groups and Fractals (thought I'm admittedly far behind the curve for Fractals these days). I enjoy helping newcomers and returning players alike ~ I felt compelled to start leveling a Warrior from scratch to experience the game again, and I've been enjoying it.

    You can whisper me from my in-game account, or you may contact me on Discord at Dawnbreaker#6167 if you're having difficulty contacting me in-game for any reason.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon; Thanks!

  • Howdy,

    a friend of mine and I are interested in this guild. We are fairly casual PvE players and this guild seems to fit that area. Feel free to add me and my friend lockea.7365

  • Invites sent out!

  • Hello there, i am a returning but somewhat inexperienced player never done fractals/ETC been an off and on player before expansions came out and was somewhat overwhelmed, but i am interested in joining the guild so i can have a bit more focus

    I like the Name and Alliance aesthetic.

    My availability is played by ear for the most part but i am starting to get back into the game and get the flow for everything.

    Feel free to send the invite when you are available to.

  • I would be interest in joining your guild. Just came back after a three year break so might be a tad rusty.

  • I would love to join if you're still looking for members. I am currently actively playing leveling my Rev getting him ready for some fractals.

  • Heya, I'm interested in joining your guild. I just returned to the game and have been playing solo for the past two weeks.

  • Hi, This sounds like a fun guild to be in, i just got back into the game and would like some people talk to while i am playing. So if you still have room or are inviting i would be very interested.

  • Hi, new-ish player to GW2 but not MMOs. Been grinding the past few weeks, have a few characters at max level and working on mastery levels/high level dungeoning. Would love an invite.

  • Hey there - returning player here, looking to experience fractals/raids/etc. with a bit more seriousness and would love to join up!

  • Invites all sent! We'res till looking for more new members!

  • Heya, would love to join your fun community. Always look forward to meeting new friends.

  • Hi, im a returning player looking for dungeon/frac. Would love to join your guild.

  • Dagwood.7145Dagwood.7145 Member ✭✭

    I would love to join and see if I am a good fit. I also and another ESO refuge that is looking for a guild.

  • Sent you a message in game! I'm interested in joining!

  • Hi all, I don't mind joining your guild. It seems like the right fit for me. I'm a veteran WoW player, but wanted something a little more casual something as life has gotten very hectic for me.

  • I would like to join your guild. I am a new player that prefers playing casually and I'd like to be more social with other players. I have all of the DLC and want to try larger events than the mini events in the world.

  • Invites sent!

  • Over 200+ members so far. We're still looking for more amazing people to join our ranks!

  • Hello I'm new to Guild Wars 2 and a casual player. I would really like to play in raids and what not.

  • Hi my friend (Byonne.7530) and I are both pretty chill and casual players that are looking to join a PvE guild. It would be cool to play the game with your guild if possible.

  • Invites sent!

  • Hello, I have been playing the game for a couple years but have never had a guild that I really played with. I'm interested in getting more involved with things like raiding and strikes.

  • We're still looking for more amazing people to join our ranks!

  • We're still looking for more amazing people to join our ranks!

  • Huge Noob.7590Huge Noob.7590 Member
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    Hey, I'm a returning player who's been gone a few years and played for about a year before leaving. I'm looking for a new guild that is willing to help me learn every bit of PvE they're willing to teach. I look forward to meeting everyone and doing some content with the guild! Thanks!

  • invite sent!

  • Hello, I'm interested in joining!

  • SPS.9563SPS.9563 Member

    Hi, interested in joining. Please invite. Thanks!

  • I would be interested in joining :) I'm still new to the game (used character boosts) and just came back after hiatus