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I need a silver lining for boon Chrono, and some tips

I came back from long break. I play 16 of the 18 elite specs as often as I can. All was well, I am loving the game. Then I started playing my boon Chrono again. I've experienced all the raid content up to the twins in wing 6. I learned how to raid on Chrono (back when it gave every boon in the game permanently) and it was a great experience with a lot of nuance and skill ceiling. Then it got changed to only be good at Quickness and Alacrity, upping the skill ceiling and reward, and the Wells got tweaked to make a nice rotation. Jarring at first, but I got used to it and thought wow, this PvE class is in the perfect spot and can't get much better and balanced than this. It was still the hardest thing to raid with imo, but it had good payoff and satisfaction when you did everything right. I was actually fine being in chrono jail because of how fun it was.

90% of my time is just chaining meta events, and every other class has been great so far. This is where I learn how to play them before taking them to raid. However, after relearning the Chrono I am not left with any desire to do harder content with it. At first I could share Distort, then nerfed to Aegis, and now my Distortion was straight up deleted so all moments where you could be a hero and Aegis your friends are gone. That was fun to do. Perhaps the most engaging role of them all: Blocking eggs and husks at Triple Trouble, the Chrono's main role at the hardest meta event, is now gone as well as a result of that change. That event is as popular as Octovine in some time slots. In the same way, not wiping at Slothasor because I could distort and block his coconuts from wiping the raid seems to be gone too.

Aside from the slew of problems not having Distortion and Aegis-share brings, apparently shattering with no clones is a nono now too. I end up backtracking and running a mile away just to get out of combat because I can't clear a 30 second Blind anymore because I can't shatter to condi cleanse. I don't see how this was a problem for any PvE content and why it needed to be changed. The reason I've seen is to make the base Mesmer spec that no one is going to use anyway seem more attractive. For the lore. I can't use my 0 clone Continuum Split just to throw down a quick Time Warp for example if it's needed to help people finish off a boss etc.; Another nuance gone. Gathering and looting the AB chests while cycling through Shatters for quickness is another nuance gone.

My boons seem much shorter as well, I'm in half Diviner gear.

I'm left wondering why? And what am I doing wrong. I have no problem with relearning or the fact it's harder. The problem is it's harder, with no payoff. I can see I need full Diviner to PvE and not feel useless at my one job of boons, but a lot of reasons the class was enjoyable are now gone and I don't know where to look to make boon Chronomancer feel fun again. First time posting too because I feel so strongly about it. I'm enjoying Viper Firebrand with permanent quickness and a fantastic reactive/tactical rotation, same way I felt about Chrono a year ago too. Diviner Renegade/Herald is great as well. I'd like a reason to play Chrono though. The fun isn't there anymore for me and I'm wondering if there some skills or traits I am missing.