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So I happened upon the Marriner plaques achievement and it brought me to the lighthouse again, and there was Acolyte Ellyna Graidy. Easily one of my favorite NPC's in LA, her story is one of those that have been mostly lost with the destruction of LA during LS1 (her name doesn't even turn up anything in forum search results). So I scrubbed the wiki and briefly searched Youtube to find as much of her previous dialogue as possible to share with you.

Before LA was invaded, I don't remember, and cannot find, any dialogue from her, nor where she was located, but I do remember seeing her during map completes. Ellyna's father, Priest Graidy (Human Priest of Dwayna), ran the original lighthouse and stood in front of it. He was the one who spoke, and was part of the network of speed boon giving NPC's:

"Six watch over you, my friend. Have you come to see the last, battered remnant of Old Lion's Arch?"
-Did the lighthouse here once light the way to the original Lion's Arch?
"Disaster and attack may have raised it to its ancient foundations, but we'll always maintain this treasured monument."
-(Charm) The lighthouse foundation will endure as a powerful symbol of your city's resilience.
"Allow me to grant you this boon from the Six for your heart-felt words."
-(Dignity) This is fascinating! Such history here beneath our feet.
"The Six have preserved the foundation as a gift to all who walk the face of Tyria, regardless of their beliefs. In the name of the Six, I bless you with the swiftness of the gods."
-(Ferocity) I'm impressed by the strength of this monument. Your citizens always face down adversity and rise again from the waves.
"Such is the awe-inspiring power of the six gods. Take their blessing to hasten to your next destination."

During Scarlet's invasion of LA, Ellyna and her father spoke briefly before the escort event starts where the lighthouse workers evacuate:

Ellyna Graidy: Dad. Forget the lighthouse! We need to get out of the city.
Priest Graidy: Not yet, honey. Approaching vessels need to be warned off.
Ellyna Graidy: Dad...
Priest Graidy: Just go. I'll be right behind you. Until then, may Dwayna keep you in her arms.
Priest Graidy: I love you, bunny.
Ellyna Graidy: I love you, bear.
Ellyna Graidy: All right. Get me out of the city, and then come back for my father.

During this time, camps were set up outside LA's entrances in Bloodtide (near Whispers entrance) and Lornar's Pass (at the foot of the Priory mountain) for both refugees and soldiers. Historically, the postern entrance to LA was from Gendarran north of the waterfall where Urmaug is stationed, but that entrance collapsed and the present entrance further southeast was formed allowing the eastern camp to be set up outside there. All service NPC's (bank, TP, even MF) were temporarily relocated east.

Ellyna, herself an aspiring acolyte of Dwayna, stayed in the southern camp as a healer and had the following dialogue.

If you had not yet personally rescued Ellyna:
"Have you come from the city? Have you been to the lighthouse? My father's still there, trying to warn ships away. Dear Dwayna, please protect him."

If you did rescue her:
"Praise Dwayna. Thank you for helping me escape the city. Have you seen my father? Is he safe? I have something that might help you if you are going back for him."
-I'll take a look at your wares. (Recipe: Tuning Crystal Station)
-How are you holding up?
"I've been keeping busy tending to the refugees here, trying to give them some of Dwayna's peace at this terrible time."
"The goddess of life and air who directed humanity to care for the wounded and downtrodden. Every generation of my family has had one acolyte in the order. Soon, that'll be me."
-Tell me about your father.
"When the violence started, he wanted to make sure no approaching ships were in danger. He wanted to make sure the lighthouse would warn everyone."
-And he sent you away.
"Because...because...I think he knew that he would die. I want him to be wrong. I want to scream at him for taking such a risk. I want him here. He can't go yet."

During the final fight to kill Scarlet, the camps outside remained while the episode was active, and so did Ellyna. If you had already killed Scarlet, her dialogue changes:
"Dwayna bless you! You killed Scarlet. I'll be able to go home and find my father soon."
-Speaking of home, I heard you have a Lion's Arch display for sale. (costs 50 Silver and summons a Crystal Tuning Station)_

After Scarlet dies, there is a cutscene where a pact ship blows up the Breachmaker. In the aftermath version of LA, there is a huge chunk of shredded metal next to the lighthouse debris (as well as other major chunks throughout the city). The ship's commander had obviously not taken into account the collateral damage that blowing up the Breachmaker would cause. Although it's unknown how Ellyna's father died, it's possible he survived the invasion only to be killed by debris.

Multiple makeshift memorials were set up around LA during that time. Ellyna could be found visiting a memorial located near where the current permanent memorial is (video). She prays to Dwayna:

"Dear Dwayna, I beseech you to carry my father in your arms. May Grenth's icy touch fade, dispelled by your love and mercy. Let him, your loyal priest, be carried into the Mists... where... Where he won't be alone, where he won't be in pain, where he shall see the fruits of his labors as your humble servant. And let him know, beyond that veil, is a daughter who misses him very much and one day will be reunited with him again."
"And Dwayna, please remove this agony from my heart."
(as she leaves)
"I miss you, bear."

Like many others, Ellyna also came to distrust Sylvari after the invasion. If the PC is Sylvari and tries to talk to her, she says:
"Your Scarlet killed my father! Go away before Dwayna's mercy fails me and I send you to the Realm of Torment."

"I still think I'm going to see my bear, but then it strikes me that he's gone."
-What happened?
"When Scarlet attacked the city, my father stayed behind and used the lighthouse to warn ships to stay away. He sent me away, for my own safety."
-Where does the bear come in?
"My father used to tell me stories about a bear and a bunny having adventures. Since then he's been my bear, and I was his...Oh, why did he have to die?"

It's possible the bunny and bear part was explained even before Scarlet invaded, but I can't really remember. Lion's Arch was soon reconstructed into what it is today.

Acolyte Ellyna Graidy can now be found standing in front of the new lighthouse just as her father did before her, in new armor indicating her new role:
"My dear father so loved the original lighthouse that stood on these cliffs. I hope I can inspire as he once did."
-A new generation will light the way for travellers, then.
"Disasters may tear us down to our foundations, but each time we rise anew to stand in place to our fallen."
-A fitting testament to your city's resilience and your father's faith.
"Allow me to grant you this boon of swiftness from the Six for your kind words."
-Thank you. Take care.

They say that time heals all wounds. Indeed, Dwayna has removed the agony from her heart.

Cheers, to my favorite Bunny and Bear. <3