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[EU][PvE]{Raids][Fractals] The Best Fractals Guild [BEST]

Guild Leaders:

SoulKruptd.1530 & Vic


We're a Fractals T1-4+CM & Raiding+Training Guild.

Fast Runs/Structured Team compositions <---

We're also building up T4 & Fast run Daily Teams. Locked behind verification, is our Forum & Static Teams/Reminder Bots for events. We verify your progress, gear etc. before promoting you to x rank in guild.

BEST Builds

New/Advanced & Speed Run Builds + Theory Crafting, for verified members.


In Fractal Zones (On left tick Represent/We remove non-representers)

Q. < Representing: >

A. Rep this Guild in Fractals Only :)

Guild Chest/Hall:


Raids (Building New Section-Presently Training Raids are available.)

[BEST-Raid][We Now Offer Raids!][Auto-mated Booking]

[Event Managers][Training][Mon-To-Sun][17:00 UTC +0]

To join Us:


  • Djor.5074Djor.5074 Member

    Was amazed by the way the guys in best fractal guild help each other i reccomend joining awsome guild leader and awsome people