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[EU] [PVE] Mistwood Guard is looking for members!

Mistwood Guard is a freshly made guild looking for friendly players

I created a guild recently to make friends and make a nice social environment for anyone and everyone! We are very small as of now, and plan to stay small, we want a family like group of people, not a guild where no one knows anyone! This guild is aimed towards mature players, so 18+ only please, we will cuss, banter, and everything inbetween in a friendly manner.

We are mainly PvE, PvP is rare if people feeling like having a laugh doing PvP then its chill! I want to focus on fractals mostly, raids too if we can get enough members. But we will do anything and hold events for PvE content. New and old players welcome, no judgement, totally casual and we can all learn from eachother and have fun!

The only things I ask of you are:

  • Be friendly, able to have a laugh
  • Zero tolerance for any negativity towards others
  • Be willing to help others if needed
  • Particpate in guild missions when you can! It'd be lovely to bring us all together for content like that

Apart from that there are no requirements to join, you dont need to max level, you don't need anything, we just want to have fun :) If this sounds good for you contact me in game or on discord at Quacky#7777