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Fractal Instabilites API


i know there is a API endpoint for getting the daily fractals at /v2/achievements/daily
However, i can't seem to find an endpoint for any fractals including their instabilities that are currently not in the daily rotation.

If there is one - and i somehow missed it - please point it out to me. If not, may i suggest this for development? The wiki or the API ( itself is not pointing to any fractal endpoint.

Additionally, it would be great to also include the data for a given timeslot in the future, like tomorrow (e.g. /v2/achievements/daily/tomorrow) or even the full rotation of instabilities ahead.

Kind Regards,
- Freeze


  • As far as I'm concerned the daily fractals are in a pre-established rotation whereas the instabilities just randomly picked every day. Therefore, I don't think it will be possible to have the instabilities in the API unless arenanet changes the way the instabilities work. I hope this helps.