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Issues with the new story + suggestion to devs

Greetings everyone,

so, I'd like to talk about the new LW, specifically, its personal story. This episode is overall really good, but by now, I have serious issues with the Commander in the story. Let's break it down.
First of all: What are we even doing? Our targets have always been elder dragons (Balthazar excluded) and so far, up to episode 2 of the Saga, so it was with Jormag. What has changed? Yes, I know we're after Ryland and Bengar, who are trying to wake him (or, as it seems, her) but shouldn't we be doing what we always were, taking our Dragon's Watch (where the heck has the name gone to?? Last reference was like 2 seasons ago...) and going in, independently of all the armies and leaders, the Pact, the Legions etc.? Instead, we're literally dropped in the center of the battlefield as if back in Orr and letting ourselves be shuffled around (more on that later). There was not even a hint of what's going on with the others, where's Braham, Taimi, even Jora? Where have they suddenly vanished to without an explanation? Let's not forget that to us, we ended the story after killing Drakkar. And there wasn't even like a single whisper from Jormag literally anywhere to anyone? From what I gathered, Drakkar was influencing only the area around the lake, Jormag should still be able to whisper to us.

All right, we talked about what didn't happen. (And should've, at least be explained by single line of dialogue like Braham over comm would be enough.) Now let's talk about what DID happen:
The very first instance, we're introduced to the negotiations. Again, I seriously expected us (the commander) to stand at the table, silence both sides and try to explain that this war will have no victor, that it's exactly what Jormag wants, to divide us and let us destroy each other. Instead, we're completely silent and just go with the war planning. Next, Smodur shuffling us around. Okay, BIG ISSUE with that. We're the elder dragon's champion for crist's sake, and we'll let ourselves be pushed around like this and just go with it, without demanding explanation? "Do this" "Why?" "Later!" "Ok." .... just NO. Let's not forget we're more than on par with the Imperators and by now, we don't take orders from anyone. (Technically, we're Logan's second in command, but I doubt the day will come when he'll give us one order.) And THEN, Smodur makes us commit basically a war crime and murder our POW, AND WE DON'T SAY A THING??? What the heck?? Ah, the ending, ok, let's get one thing out of the way, I don't have a problem (narrative-wise) with Smodur being basically a proud idiot. What I do have serious problem with is that he just gets away with it. He just single handedly ruined a chance to dismantle Bengar's chain of command, and the reaction of FOUR others equally as powerful as him? (3 Legions leaders + us) "Ok, we'll never bow to you. Let's continue the war." I seriously wanted something unexpected, like us noticing his dagger and blowing him away with Aurene's wing blast, or Malice slithing his throat for it, making her a traitor and another imperator dead. Imagine, that would perfectly play into Jormag's claws and provide great story with us trying to keep the charr from completely falling apart.

And therefore, at last, here comes the SUGGESTION TO THE DEVS: Let the Commander grow a backbone.

I really, really hope for a moment when we'd just stand up to someone and tell them who are they dealing with, the perfect opportunity was for example when Jormag ressurected that corpse to talk with us. Imagine us interrupting and saying something like "No, it's you who will listen to me, and you'd better listen well. By my hand fell three elder dragons. I have slain a rogue god. I am the leader of Dragon's Watch and the Commander of the greatest force Tyria has ever seen. I am the champion of elder dragon Aurene. And I am coming for you!"

If there's a dev reading this, please, forward it to the story team. By now, we're so fed up with the "I will kill you," "You will be defeated," "Give up, you have no chance," "You're nothing," etc. lines of our enemies, just before we kill them. We seriously need one of those moments, so that the enemies, Jormag and others included, realize what are they truly dealing with. If not now, then in the next expansion.