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[EU][PvE][QA] Hardcore raiding guild looking for members

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Welcome to Quality Assessment, a hardcore raid guild on EU servers.
[QA] Is a hardcore guild that primarily focuses on efficient raid clears, low mans, and CMs.
We aim to constantly push our boundaries, and we expect all members to aspire towards constant self improvement.
We also aim to maintain a small community of skilled players that all have the motivation to improve as a group.

What we can offer you:

  • Raids on a daily basis, including full clears, low mans, and CMs at 19:30 GMT+1.
  • An opportunity to develop yourself as a player, around like minded players.
  • A fun atmosphere with skilled players.
  • Active community.
    Our requirements:

  • Experienced in all raid wings.

  • Available for a trial period where we determine your skill level.
  • Able to play at least 2 roles (dps must play both condi and power).
  • Ascended gear on the classes you play.
  • Discord and microphone are mandatory.
  • Have the desire to raid often and socialise. We are looking for people who are
    interested in QA being their main raid guild, this is not an LFG guild for weekly clears.
    Whisper or mail me in-game


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