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Elonian greatblade for real

There is some guy on YouTube welding (not forging!) ridiculously giant swords for real, michaelcthulhu, you might have heard of him or seen his videos before. For quite some time now I thought it would be really nice if he would do one of the awesome sword designs of GW2, wouldn't it? Well, as it seems I get my wish fulfilled :-).

From all the incredibly marvellous legendary designs in GW2 we chose to do the rather ordinary Elonian greatblade. Well, without the magical ingredients available in the game a lot of designs wouldn't work in our real world. And of those that would work quite a lot are boring to make and probably not very spectacular when finished. The Elonian greatblade should be interesting to watch being created as well as seeing some real person wield it I think.

It will take a few more months, though, since we are still in the very early planning stage. The reason I post this right now: Are there any concerns reagarding a project like this? Not decided yet, but would it be possible to include some ingame video footage without violating copyright laws? After all the sword design is some sort of intellectual property of ArenaNet and Michael does this kind of stuff for a living, earning money from it. It will be a charity build, though, meaning the finished sword will be auctioned to raise money for Doctors Without Borders as Michael has done several times before.