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[EU][CEST] Mature, open-minded guy LF semi-hardcore fractal/raiding guild

TL;DR: LF semi-harcore EU guild to hang out with on Discord while doing challenging group content (raids/tier4fractals)

So let me explain why I am making this post:

I've been playing GW2 since launch, but most of my time has been spent alone. Doing all the solo content there is to do. But enough is enough; I want to enjoy the social aspect of this game. I miss the coördinated grouplay of tier 4 fractals and raids. Joining a guild that is regurarly hangingout on Discord while doing fractals would be my goal. I've done my fair share of endgame content in other games but just not in GW2, and I feel like I've been missing out. Especially since the addition of raids to the game. I'm not looking for an insane hardcore guild min-maxing everything with their "world first" mentality. But still a guild that does raids and fractals often with voice comm. Having fun, but getting the job done. I think you'll find I'm a really fun, down to earth guy to have a good laugh with.

Throw me a reply here, or send an ingame mail to Mr Lock.5079

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