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Which Profession & Build for both PVP & WVW

I've been playing alot of Ranked PVP lately to get ascended gear. My main goal is to have a class that rocks in mainly WVW, and PVP as well. I don't really like the current meta classes for PVP and WVW.

I'd like to ask for help in picking a class & build that can do well in both pvp & wvw, preferably without switching out a completely different build on the same class completely.

I'm usually running either Meta D/P Thief, or Power LB Dragonhunter.

I used to main thief way back inn the day. Although I play D/P for pvp, I'm not really a fan of it - I know it's good as decap/cap but i'm not really a fan of the playstyle. The mobility is amazing though, I love that.

I really the Dragonhunter. The range and power of LB really helps. I stay away from firebrand because I don't really like it.

I LOVE warrior, but he's kind of bad in PVP right now apparently. I would prefer warrior above all others for it's tankiness and dmg if there was also a build that allowed me to swap to a strong ranged weap.

Not really a fan of ranger, but I played the Sic'em Sniper for a time. Not really a fan of the whole nature & pet aesthetic.

I think it's cool and all, but I always get overwhelmed by the stance switching.

I have a S/D weaver, but not sure what build would do well. In pvp it was pretty tough to die with all the self healing, but it was also really tough to do any real dmg there. Lack of range if i were to bring SD to WVW though

Necro, Engi, Mes: I just find these classes not my taste.

Overall, in order, I prefer Warrior - DH Guardian - Thief.