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Endpoint Cache times

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I suppose this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find any decently recent open discussions about the topic, so here we go:
I'd love to write a quite simple mobile application for iOS that makes use of the new homescreen widgets to display the contents of an accounts tp delivery inbox.
An annoying dealbreaker for my app concept is the fact that the API endpoint I would use for that (/commerce/delivery) is configured with a cache time of ~5mins.
I understand that API caching is probably necessary to ensure decent performance, but having to wait for several minutes to receive updates to game aspects that potentially change very frequently seems rather over restrictive to me. It basically shoots out the kneecaps of many projects aiming to enrich the GuildWars2 experience and even expand it to different platforms.

Is there any way to start an incentive to rethink caching policies for API routes where it makes sense, or am I arguing for a lost cause here?


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    lot of ideas I had were backstabbed by this. Inventory content for example. Give me a 30 sec cache at least on current character inventory. After all the important thing is to avoid bots that spam multiple requests per seconds. I can't be sure, but I really think the difference between 30 secs and 5 minutes caching wouldn't be so devastating on server load.