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Hi all,
I returned to the game last month after a long break and everything has been great. I noticed though that my server is an EU one but I live in NA. From what I understand ArenaNet automatically chooses your server dependent on where you live. The accounts page has me rightfully as NA , I've no idea why I'm on an EU server. I've had no real issues playing there but would feel more comfortable on a closer to home server, I know I can pay to transfer but do I really need to. It makes no sense why I'd choose to play there in the first place but honestly I can't remember the original set up. Is there anything I can do to avoid the extra expense of a paid transfer.
Thank you.


  • ArenaNet does not choose the server/World players play on; players choose their home world.
    You can delete all characters and transfer at no cost; you will retain everything that is account-wide/-bound.

    Good luck.

  • I must have picked my server on day one without realizing it was a different region. I'll just stick where I am for the moment.
    Thanks for the info.