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My main is bugged and I dont know why

Here is a link to my Reddit post that has my video that will add context.

Hopefully, the link works I'm new to this type of forum thing. My Reddit is u/Crezarak so in case it does not work and you really want to see the video you can look up my name on Reddit and it' my most recent post.

So I’ve been playing gw2 for a few years and I’ve recently found a trick while watching some twitch streams where if you auto attack, jump, and casta leap very fast (has to be less the a second) you can perform a jump leap that can help you cross gaps that would otherwise prevent your leap for going anywhere or you falling face first into the floor. This trick can also help you pass large gaps as well, but basically this trick is very helpful in pvp to survive and flex on people. My main (Crezarak) the character on the left screen is my main who I’ve been played 80% of my time in gw2 and has around 3k hours and I know his animations and hitbox better than any race but I cannot for the life of me do the trick on and it’s not even my fault, i'm doing it right! My main glitches out and performs the aura slicer’s (SB dagger 2) animation while standing still and flips out and then leaps a second later as you can see in the video. With the sword my main Crezarak looks to be charging the sword 2 leap yet it does not have a charge time at all so I'm left charging a skill that should not be charging for a second as you can clearly see on the left sided screen in the video.

So maybe i'm doing it wrong right? Well no. I made a new asura male even female and I can do it easily with no problems while performing the same muscle memory movement like on my main. No glitches. No second delays. No weapon charging. Why is this happening to my beloved main? You can see in the video my new freshly made character (Yea Zy) I have less than 30mins on I can perform the tricks on with no visual glitches. It’s hard to see me jump and cast but I am doing it correctly on my alt Yea Zy. If you don't believe me, make your own asuran character and use the leap and see if it looks the same way. Trust me it won't. And if you look closely you can see the camera jump anyway.

Yea Zy is the same height and body size as my main Crezarak and there are no problems the only difference is face, skin color, eye color, ear shape, and head size but that shouldn't matter with animations but I have to take it into consideration because it leaves me with the only idea that my character is bugged because of one of those character customization options. I had to change my mains hairstyle to the one you can see in the video to experiment if hair was the reason my character is bugged out but it wasn't so maybe it’s ears, skin color, head size, etc. I even bought some grey vendor armor and weapons on my main, took off all my trinkets, even removed my build and I still could not do it on my main so the idea that it’s a trait glitch, or my armor and weapons has already been taken into consideration and tested. My only options are to buy a total makeover kit and see if it is character customization that’s bugged to try and fix a bug or to completely make my character all over again.

To anyone who thinks this is something that shouldn't even be considered being looked or fixed because it’s so minor or does not impact gameplay at all, you are wrong. Being able to do this trick makes the game a lot more interactive and is extremely helpful in PvP, once you learn a trick like this if you are serious about getting into pvp and you are able to consistently do the trick and master it, it is a massive improvement in gameplay even if it looks minor.
Has anyone had a similar problem at all? Or still has this problem? I’ve contacted anet but I’ve not gotten contact back and I doubt they will do anything as per usual but this is my main that I love and he is bugged and it’s beyond my repair so ill do everything I can to fix him.