[iLL] [NA] iLLuminatriots is recruiting new (and old) faces to join our core group [PvE] — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[iLL] [NA] iLLuminatriots is recruiting new (and old) faces to join our core group [PvE]

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iLLuminatriots is a small (Level 34) PvE guild based in North America (EST Timezone). We've been going strong for a little over 2 years now and was born out of a want to feel connected to the people within the guild, as to not lose integrity of that community/familiar feeling from a group of our size. We do not partake in WVW or PVP as a guild, so in order to facilitate players who want to, we keep a loose rep policy. We want people to feel part of a community, but not bound to us.

* NO forms of hate speech or harassment will be tolerated whatsoever, anybody who partakes in that in, or out of guild chat will be dealt with swiftly.
* As much as we like helping each other, we all have our own personal goals to work on as well, we wish to be more a community than a personal LFG.
* Not looking for Ranger mains at all at the moment, we're looking for a little more diversity.
* Must have Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, we're a guild who is always looking towards the future, we expect any recruits to be aswell.
* We do not partake in or have plans to partake in voice communications of any sort, we intend to keep everything in text, in-game.

What you can expect out of iLLuminatriots
* Dungeon and Fractal running (Activity nights are Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday - Wednesday and weekends are free nights).
* We offer teaching for those who need it for all of the content we run.
* Meta Map Group-ups.
* General Help (be it builds, or how to get to certain vistas, or even achievement help, we have many members who love to help somebody along).
* Guild Missions (Fridays).

iLL is planning on raiding in the future.

If you're interested in recruitment you can go ahead and send in-game mail to me(Preferred over on the forum here, I am far more likely to see your message in a timely manner in-game than on the forum) as I am the main recruiter(and I am more commonly on the game than on the forum) and will get back to you rather swiftly for an interview!

Leader: Rhiyy - The Tee Why.4807

We look forward to all new iLLuminatriots and hope to hear from you all soon!


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