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Dead End Instance: green star's position

Location: Dead End instance
Access: Divinity Reach, Eastern Commons, Dead End PoI

a) Being an instance, this location could very well be useful for group RP. However currently, given the geometry of the room, a small character (smallest sylvari female) may well trigger the exit pop up "Leave .. Yes/Close" while just walking in the main room, because the green star is just on the other side of the wall, in the entrance corridor. Perhaps a big norn character would merely have the impression that the pop up triggers when too close to the wall. Again, I'm reporting this one because of RP possibilities that are spoiled.

b) As with some other instances, the location was overseen when seats were implemented. None are functional, not to speak of those that are close to the wall and would trigger the exit pop up anyway.

a) If possible, move the green star further down the corridor, or else, reduce the trigger's distance to the star for this instance.
b) Add functional seats; not necessarily a new type though.