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What Sword Skin Is This???

Aftertouch.5437Aftertouch.5437 Member
edited October 22, 2017 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

So I came across someone in Desert Highlands with this sword skin, and the effect of it is unlike anything else I've seen in the wardrobe. Would love to see if its acquireable so I can put it with my mesmer.
The particle effects and lighting don't seem to match anything existing that I've been able to find, so I figured I'd ask on here and see if anyone knows what skin this is. I'm not sure if it's a bug either, I saw the toon swinging it around and it seemed to be holsterable.


Apparently it's the sword weaver air attunement effect! Just bugged so it's always showing. Very neat, would be a cool skin in its own right.

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