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Map Ping Clarification and Captain Election idea. (CONQUEST)


I would like to suggest to you all that at the beggining of each game, it would be reasonable, to clarify the meanings of the mini map pings for the players to use- before the game starts. Also would be a good idea to remind ppl how to ping.

The circle with cross means stay? - you see what I mean. Communication in this game is extremely difficult and it Is what its missing in Conquest. Its a team game. We need to co operate with our team mates coherently.

I would like to contribute with an idea, to help the game flow in Conquest, to maybe help provide everyone with a fair PVP experience.

So at the beggining of each game, each team should elect a captain. The captain should be able to broadcast or display pre built messages. I was thinking that it should work by ping on the mini map.

By pinging shield on dragon for instance, every team mate would receive the message to defend dragon. The ping should allow the captain to display a number from 1 to 5. It should not be spamable, it should have its limitations. The messages should be straight forward. Defend close etc. Now the captain should have a new symbol. Not to confuse with a commander in PVE. I think everyone should be able to ping in the mini map to communicate. The drawing system should be removed, its terribly messy, never works and players use it to troll.

Additional Ideas
-arrows for mini map to indicate movement.
-gear change phase
-making everyone aware of the role they are playing


  • I did not clarify that the number from 1 to 5 should signify the amount of players in regard to the elected Captains mechanics.