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[EU] New Static Raid Team recruiting

Caointean.7983Caointean.7983 Member ✭✭
edited October 24, 2017 in Looking for Group

Hello folks !

We are a raid team looking for members to fill in our squad. We're looking for medium level players, meaning having approx. 100 Li and most bosses/encounters experience (because we, too, are not perfect) to join for raids on Monday and Tuesday at 8 PM CET/CEST.
No DPS meter numbers is required, just the will to progress as a team (and as individuals) and a positive social attitude (i.e. no salt, no insults, no elitism, just love).

Open roster roles to fill are :

1 CPS.
1 ChronoTank. ___ NB: Having also a DPS class would be appreciated, just in case.
2 DPS. _________ NB: If you can do both Power or Condi DPS it's even better ! And also one should be able to go hand-kiting instead during the Deimos encounter.
1 Druid. ________ NB: You will play pusher on KC.

Being on discord while raiding is mandatory. However, being able to speak isn't, so you can join with a muted mic. No guild representation needed as well just be on the discord.

If you believe you fit one of these roles and can respect the rules of basic social interaction, please leave an application in the discord (https://discord.gg/ZNkhk3T) recruitment channel stating your account name, your main raid character's name, the role you wanna fill etc... For any question or further info send me an ingame (caointean.7983) or discord PM and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.