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GvG Tournament Part 2! 1000 Gold prize pool.

Firstly, I'd like to thank the massive turnout/comments I received on the first post. All of you provided fantastic feed back here and on Reddit and your desires have given me to drive to make this happen. By far the largest concern among you were the team sizes. No one enjoys just watching large zergs smash into each other and I may have a way around this. Thus in the spirit of the original Guild Wars, team size shall either be 7, 10, or 12 players. To keep the community involvement going, I 've one last poll for you. Which team size do you think is better 7,10, or 12?

I'm also considering restricting teams to having only 2 of each profession. Meaning you have 2 base thieves, 2 Daredevils and 2 Deads but not 3 of the same. (Unless it 12 players then I may increase it to 3.) This is to prevent teams from running all of the same professions/classes and make teams more diverse. Lastly I'm putting up 1000 gold into the prize pool.

GvG Tournament Part 2! 1000 Gold prize pool. 7 votes

14% 1 vote
57% 4 votes
28% 2 votes