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[EU] [Casual PvE] Creating a Newbie-Friendly Guild

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Dear Fellow Tyrians,

As a "Veteran" of the game, being here since the head start and as some other "veterans" we got tired at one point and gone on a hiatus for some time, sometimes it was multiple hiatuses for some of us, when i hopped back to game for every LW S1 release because i knew it would be there for a limited time, then for LW S2 then HoT release, HoT big patch (aka HoT 2.0/Re-Release) and now PoF, my friends list kept shrinking, guilds kept falling apart, it is normal, life moves on.

What i am looking to create is a Newbie-Friendly and Casual-Veteran place to call home, a place where newbies find other newbies to play with, a place where veterans can make new friends and teach them about the game and a place to find other players willing to do old-world/HoT Achievements and enjoy themselves while being at it!

The guild name is Legacy of the Thorbourne [THOR] and currently has only Me as a member, its brand spanking new!

We'll be tied to PvE only, members if they chose to do SPvP or WvW they are welcome to by all means, but those game modes won't be the focus of the guild.

The activities we are looking to invest into are the following:

  • Achievements and Skin hunting.
  • Dungeons.
  • Fractals.
  • Open world bosses and map exploration.

The rules of the guild are the following:

  • No drama.
  • Be able to write English so we can communicate!
  • Be mature, members should also be 18+ years old, naughty jokes are allowed, guild banter is encouraged even! Just make sure you're not offending people or making them uncomfortable.
  • Representing the guild is only required when doing activities with the guild members, it is to encourage others to join us, otherwise fly the banners of whichever guild you like!

Currently we do not have voice comm like discord or TS and no guild hall either, when the guild is built well enough we'll look into those.

For an invite leave a post here or send me mail in game@: Amasoful.2690


  • Count me in bro!

  • sent ingame :)

  • Are you still looking members, I'm a 'veteran' mostly PVE player, I have played since beta but was away for awhile, reason for that was mostly that my old (finnish) guild died when most of the players moved to other games, since then I have played alone, every now and then participating groups doing metas. Atm I'm trying to finish of griffon mound. Since I'm old , working and having family my playing times are late in the night (mostly 10pm to midnight UTC +2).

  • Hi there I'm new to the game wouldn't mind joining :)

  • ok m8 sent me invite

  • where you guys come from all

  • Sign me up! :)

  • hi I'm new to the game and wouldn't mind joining, i don't have HoT, though, only PoF, is this okay? or not? :/

  • I've recently been getting back into the game, after years away, bought HoT too.
    I would love an easy-going guild and members to do PvE with.
    Definitely a newbie (my lvl 80 has never done a dungeon, fractal or raid) in need of help.
    Hope I can join?

  • Hello. Played a bit of the core game a couple of years ago but didnt had time for it. Now I bought only the PoF expansion, hope its enough, and I`m looking for a newbie friendly guild to do dungeons with. As you know PoF comes with a lvl 80 boost and free lvl 80 soldier gear so I have a starting point, gear wise. Hope I can get an invite into your nice guild.

  • I send you a mail ingame. I hope for an invite :)

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