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Notepad in Game

I would like to suggest a new idea. My suggestion would be that you put in the game, a notepad, in which we could write and save, in order to make notes of the current objectives, missions and observations. It would make it much easier, without having to go out and get in the game to get this information.

Well, I hope you like my idea and implement it in the game.


Marcos Andrade


  • I was thinking the same thing! or at least a macro that you could install. Doesn't even need to be fancy with spell check and all that, just a window that you can save text to. Maybe even checklists.

  • wanya.1697wanya.1697 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 21, 2019

    create a guild
    use guildnews message of the day
    you can even copy waypointcodes into it which you could click on in the chat window where the message of the day is displayed

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