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[US] LFGuild NonRep that does weekly PVE missions

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edited November 14, 2017 in Looking For Guild

I'm a member of a guild whose members I'm very good friends with but they mostly do WvW activities and have our guild missions set to WvW-mode. I am personally not particularly interested in constantly doing WvW and as a result I am slow to accumulate guild commendations. So I'm looking for a guild with a large member count that can easily and rapidly complete all guild missions each week on a specific day that begins at a specific time. As I also want to continue repping my main guild I want this guild to be okay with me only repping while doing the guild missions.

I live in US central time and mostly play during the mid-day and nights. Friday nights are reserved for WvW reset with my current guild so I would prefer not to join a guild that would conflict with that schedule.

Please contact me using in-game mail. I am also open to direct messages if I am online.

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