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[NA] LF Casual Guild with Gilded Hollow Hall

Zohariel.5708Zohariel.5708 Member
edited November 16, 2017 in Looking For Guild

I'm primarily looking for a guild with the Gilded Hollow Hall and a fully upgraded workshop (Synthesis Output 4) to mine Tenebrous Crystals. Any guild filling that requirement will do but I'd very much enjoy it if the guild was a casual PvE/PvX or WvW-JQ guild that runs weekly Guild Missions/Meta-Bounty Trains or WvW Raids (respectively).

I've pretty good game knowledge to help others with and am pretty adaptable as far as play go (given a week or so to gear up). I can jump in on discord, but am of the mostly "muted mic" type.
PM/Mail me in-game for questions or shoot me a guild invite straight up. Thanks!

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