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Primal Dawn: A Guild Wars Story

Primal Dawn: A Guild Wars Story

Hello friends!

My name is Lawrence and I'm the leader of a guild named The Kodash Bazaar. When I first created this guild over a year ago, I already knew that there was some lore attached to it, yet I never took the time to write it down until now.

The story consists of 26.5k words, which makes it a short story. It is set in Elona after the second invasion of Palawa Joko as we follow the squadron of a guild who form the last resistance against the Undead King. It's the perfect quick read to get you hyped a little more for Path of Fire!

I was also lucky that I could work together with Mia who created the artwork for this story, as it greatly helps to visualize the places visited by the characters.

I hope that you will enjoy our work as much as we've enjoyed working on it, and I'd be glad to continue writing more stories.

Bye friends!

Disclaimer: this story is purely fan-fiction and thus is not canon by any means, even though it is written as accurately as possible, please do take this in consideration while reading.


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