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[NA][PvE] MadCast Gaming is looking for mature members. New and old players welcome.

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About MadCast:

MadCast Gaming [MCG] is a multi-game community founded in 2007. MadCast had a strong presence in GW2 during the beta and immediate launch of the game as a WvW guild, followed by another heavily active period during Living Story Season 1 as a PvE guild. We are currently rebuilding as a PvE guild, and hope you’ll join us, whether you are a veteran who pre-ordered the PoF expansion, or a brand new F2P player.

What We’re Looking For:

We are particularly interested in members who demonstrate core leadership competencies. We recognize there are many gamers who do not have the time to commit to a formal leadership role as a guild officer, but we expect that members of our community will lead within the capacity that they have. Leaders conduct themselves in such a way as to elevate their community and peers. This could look like a lot of things, including: engaging new guild members to make them feel included and welcome; recruiting others to the guild; proactively organizing pick-up groups and events; sharing your expertise with guild mates; positively representing the guild to others; and generally speaking, finding ways to improve things and getting it done.

You Should:

  • Demonstrate maturity and courtesy
  • Enjoy being helpful to others through sharing your expertise and experience
  • Be comfortable contributing your ideas for discussion
  • Take pride in contributing to and shaping the communities you are part of
  • Lead by example
  • Want to have fun

You Can Expect:

As a guild, we will be focused on PvE content, particularly open-world PvE while rebuilding (but are supportive of member-led efforts to expand to sPvP or WvW). Specifically:

  • Organizing PvE meta-events
  • Community events such as Booze Bolt
  • Achievement hunting

On a casual basis, some of our members are currently doing the following, but as we grow we will probably formally organize these on a regular schedule:

  • Dungeons/Fractals
  • Raids

Some of these activities rely on coordinating large numbers of players or are just more fun that way, and we plan to lead open squads to both grow the guild and give back to the wider GW2 community. If you enjoy PvE commanding and mentoring (or if you are interested), there will be plenty of opportunities.

Most MadCast members are currently on Sanctum of Rall, but you don't need to be. We are a primarily evenings and weekends EST guild, and utilize TeamSpeak as the main method of communication and fun. Our play-style is laid back and relaxed, since our goal is to enjoy the game and each other’s company- but you can expect guild members to do their best and work to improve. We do not have a rep requirement, but we ask that people represent when participating in guild events.

Members who play other games will find mature, kind, and fun gamers in the wider MadCast Community to play with. Members of our community play League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Destiny 2, Minecraft, Diablo 3, ARK, and more.

Lastly, you can expect us to enforce our Code of Conduct with everyone under the [MCG] tag.

For More Info:

Check out and post an introduction thread on our forums.
Post here or message me here.
Add or message me in-game: RedJustice.1548

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