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[NA] LFG, Fort Aspenwood, Daily player

Andd.2607Andd.2607 Member
edited November 22, 2017 in Looking For Guild

im back after not playing for 3-4 years.. my main character is a warrior, thats what i prefer to play. my other characters arent even 80 currently..

i currently do a bunch of Fractals, but only to 30 because my AR ... looking for a guild that focuses mostly on PvE such as Fractals, Raids and events and a bit of WvW, also willing to do PvP, use to play it a bit before i stopped years ago.
i havent ever participated in any raids before and would like a clan thats willing to teach me, im a fast learner,, im currently hunting for a legendary (Sunrise, over half way there)

just looking for a group of chill people, but a guild that tends to have people on through the day and night....

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