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Scarr Burntsoul - Revenant role play

Just a little timeline of my role playing character's background lore. Hope you enjoy, if anything doesn't add up let me know please.

1050 AE, Born in Diessa Lowlands
1068, Joined the Blood Legion, hoping to boast his glory through battle against human scum.
1070, Scarr and his warband attacks Ascalon City with success.
1071, Scarr's warband assaults Orr. Scarr dies, before the Cataclysm of Orr, to a temple guard defending the god Balthazar.
Here, Balthazar's fury channeled through Scarr and his soul arrived at the Fissure of Woe. Balthazar tormented Scarr and enslaved his soul.
1072, A band of humans releases Scarr from his bonds. They told him they had made an offering at the Temple of the Ages, where Balthazar granted them access to his realm.
His soul was released into the mists, to traverse time and space.
1316, Scarr's soul and body fall as one into Divinity's Reach. His first views are the crowning of Queen Jennah. Humanity is powerful yet wishes peace with the Charr. Scarr hopes to help forge an alliance between all races.
From Divinity's reach he traversed Tyria and adapted to the new world.
1324, Scarr eventually finds the remnants of his homeland and the Black Citadel. Scarr immediately rejoined his warband - the Blood Legion. Peace between races is nearing.
Now, Scarr seeks vengeance for his lost warband and the years of suffering experienced within the Fissure of Woe. He must find Balthazar.

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