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Bloodbane Path

Okay so, I understand the weapon is in need of a damage buff, but I'm here to suggest a more defensive/QoL change to SB 2 that could possibly add some synergy to the weapon's skills. So here goes.

Bloodbane Path. My suggestion is to rework it into more of a mobility skill. First, remove bleed from this skill (since it deals less dps than auto attack already) and cause each projectile to immobilize the target for 0.5 seconds (up to 1.5 seconds if all projectiles hit). Even a half second immobilize will help the projectiles to hit the target far more reliably. Secondly, it should cause us to teleport backwards to be exactly 900 range from the target. This would allow us to set up a perfect 7 shot against the target (if you're fast enough). 7 shot actually deals decent damage now. It's just really hard to hit anything just not huge and naturally immobile. This would also help us to land Scorchrazor a lot better as well. Other players usually have no trouble dodging it.

Lastly, I'd increase the CD to 5/6 seconds, as being able to immobilize and teleport at the click of a button every 3 seconds could be a bit broken, :P

What do you think? This change is mostly for the purpose of helping Renegade in a pvp in environment, but could also assist us in those "Oh kitten!" Moments in PvE.