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Power Leeching Build

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I'm sure a lot of you have thought about this or even played it but I wanted to throw the build out there for others and people who do know of it but never really thought what to choose trait wise and so on... So the build is a leeching power renegade build. This build is mostly for FRACTALS, its dps is about 22-23k so it doesn't have room for raids because anet has power builds in this game in the trash, but its EXTREMELY fun using Mad King Runes throwing down Citadel Bombardment and watch your birds do 10k your citadel bombardment do massive dmg with Soulcleave doing 425 dmg on EVERY HIT on the side note of having leeching on every hit you do. Ive been to a point where I was at 5% health used my soulcleave used citadel and went back up to 100% in under 2 seconds. Its fantastic WHILE using the trait leeching the food leeching and sigil leeching your autos give you 1-2k health per hit. That's just on Kalla once u get under 10 energy you swap over to Jalis and use the hammers for more healing while using Citadel bombardment. Every hit gives u 52 healing I believe? So its pretty fantastic, really strong build for fractals. I put the build down below tell me what you guys think!


Side note - If your in a fractal group with a chrono and a Ranger or whatever the case might be you don't need to use Vindication trait since you will have 25 might from your team you would use lasting legacy for more ferocity.. But if you have any questions let me know.


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    I was trying to enjoy myself with Renegade (viper condi build) in open world.
    But it's easy to kill one, two mobs, what if You are swarmed? Fighting sometimes with 5+ with 2-3 veterans - I personally died like crazy, it was no fun.

    Than I went and changed Invocation to Devasatation and I noticed Mutilate Defenses (old before 12/12 patch) + Focused Siphoning + Assasin's Annihilation is the way to go in solo open world where there is no one to keep You alive - that Was when LS4E1 came out, I started to have fun with Renegade.
    A week ago I watched 'Bootts' Bad Builds - The Mad Renegade' in witch he explained a bit more of how Renegade's life siphon works.

    Two days ago Mutilate Defenses was changed, and without the voulnerability on crit Focused Siphoning stopped healing me becouse of shorbow and main hand mace lack the application of voulnerability. I tought maybe Sigil of Frailty? But I didn't test if the internal cooldown jumps when You apply it to the first enemy or it can proc on multiple enemies if the attack is 3-5 targets? Yet it was not so good as old Mutilate Defenses.

    Now I'm also experemeting with a Power variant of it.
    Those Sigils are very interesting and I will give it a try, if a support Ele/Scourge/Druid is present I got a second weapon set with Force/Night/Accuracy/Air.
    But did You try Superior Sigil of Draining with Darkrazor?

    Deals 1042.25 + (0.075 * Power) damage. This is unaffected by target armor and your weapon damage.
    Heals 965 + (0.2 * Healing Power) health.
    Has no internal cooldown, for example interrupting 5 enemies with Gravity Well, will trigger the effect 5 times.
    Works on all on bosses or any foe with a break bar. See main paragraph on interrupt.

    This is a lot of burst damage and healing.
    Edit: Wiki doesn't say it but it has a 3 sec cooldown to foes with defiant bar...

    Same goes for Soulcleave's Summit if the ravens work like Hunter's Call dealing 16x damage per raven (those are 3) we have 48 attacks! So it's 20k damage and 18k heal (FULL HEAL!) Now okay, I have a question for You, is the 20k once every 45 seconds (if You time it perfectly) of damage worth it inf Fractals? I know it's a bug "BURST" but is it worth taking useless stats?
    Condition Damage and Bleed Duration is worthless.
    Also, if one target is present the ravens focus on one target what if there are multiple are the focusing on Your target or are they targeting random ones?

    Still, a really FUN build to play!

  • There's something about Soulcleave that doesn't tend to get mentioned and I'm not sure if everyone is aware of... I thought it would be quite a relevant reminder to this thread. When making judgements regarding the leech builds, it's worth remembering that the damage of Soulcleave's Summit does not show at all in ARCDPS, and I don't think it shows in the Special forces training area's damage report either. Therefore, in a build like this you'll be always doing more damage than your meters show - how much more, is hard to say. On a standard dps test on golem I estimated it may have added something like 5k to single target solo dps (which was up to 22k readings in the meters), but I'm not a numberwizard so someone else may be able to give better estimates.

    I've queried this from Deltaconnected and he says there is a technical limitation in the game and it's impossible to include a measurement of the siphon damage :(

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    Yep, that's my open world PVE revenant build and it's completely brainless! Awesome for chilling after work and doing some story.
    The other class that is so easy to play is Minion Necro, really great builds

    I only use the Heal on Interrupt Sigil for burst heal with Darkazor Raze

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    So, after a week o playing this build I must say It's the most fun build I've played since Reaper, Rev is now my favotite character.

    The burst is real Sigil of Draining is amazing with Darkrazor, well Darkrazor itself if kitten AMAZING especially in Dungeon/Low Fractals the 6s AoE CC is amazing for burst everything down. I didn't have so much fun in a while. I like dungeon runs a bit more than fractal sometimes. It's chilling and this build is perfect for carrying low lvl players in story modes or explorables, the sustain is great I love it.

    I have Runes of Strength (it's from my old power build) don't want to change them becouse they cost 10g+ for 6 pieces. Also sometimes I take Lasting Legacy (Renegate Grandmaster 2) for the extra might sharing or Rigteus Rebel (Grandmaster 3) if the fights are longer, and there is a lot of condi -33% condi damage is golden in some areas and 360 alacrity radius makes all pugs do a bit more damage.


    Love this build, and until it gets nerfed, Rev will be my main.

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