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[EU][Raid][18+] Synthesize [Sy] Raiding Guild Recruiting

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About [Sy]

We are a small close-knit raid guild that looks to expand it's static roster. We are a diverse group of people aged 18+ and have a big emphasis on the social part of a guild rather than just being a guild for weekly clears. During raids we enjoy spending time refining to get smooth / fast kills over simply clearing as many bosses as possible. Our usual raid days are Monday and Wednesday at 8 CET, but this can be flexible depending on availability.

Recruitment Status: Open


To expand our roster we are looking for friendly people, but also players that are experienced and comfortable in their raiding abilities and also have a desire to improve themselves, as well as improving as a team.

We are especially looking for players that are able to play dps/warrior, but we are also looking into other people. So if you don't have this but think the previous description fits you, feel still free to apply.

Members should be confident with all current raid encounters.

We try and keep the atmosphere in the guild positive, with constructive criticism encouraged. You will not fit in by flaming other players or boasting about DPS numbers.

In order to join there will be a pre-trial, which consists of raiding with us so everybody get's the opportunity to meet each other. After a successful pretrial you will get invited to the guild for a trial-period of 3 weeks to assess that you fit into the guild.

How to apply

If you would like to apply please fill out our application at https://tinyurl.com/syapplication

Any questions feel free to contact us in game or reply here:
Silver: Glider.5792
Sprax: Spraxer.8461
Johan: W Johan W.5968
Squishy: ladyosheep.3548



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