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[TIME]NA PVE and PVP Close Knit & Casual

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Sir Diggles and I am a member of [TIME] Time of Tyrians. Looking to grow and expand a close knit group of friends in the world of Tyria. We are a pretty casual group of players always helping each other out, running dungeons, fotm, pvp and potentially starting a raid team. We also like to just roam around doing world events and bosses. We have a very active discord channel even when we are not playing the game we still like to chat it up with each other. We are currently a lv. 29 guild and we currently host guild missions every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST. please post or send me mail in game at dagalkrigi.7920 if this sound like the home for you. Hope to see you all in game


  • Hello my name is Elektroi, I go by EL, I'm the deputy commander (2nd in command) of the guild. We also support each other with our crafting and help each other to achieve our goals within the game. I hope to see new players joining our guild.

  • Hey, this is Akitla Hrovitnisson and I’m the leader of [TIME]. As Diggles previously stated, we’re a small but close-knit guild looking to grow our core by inviting like-minded players to join us. We’re happy and eager to help with any crafting or achievements as much as we can. We hope to see you in-game soon!

  • We are running guild missions twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 PM EST. Wednesday is still the main day but they are fun and we want everyone included.

  • - [Time] takes 2018.