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You canceled my pre order that was paid in full??

I pre ordered guild wars 2 path of fire on 08/06/2017 from gamestop and the gamestop website clearly shows this under power uprewards. I was originally told arenanet was only shipping physical copies of the game to gamestop and was told I didn't have the option to get a digital download. I go to gamestop tonight to find out you guys changed your minds about physical copies of the game and what I already paid for was canceled without me being informed when both arenanet and gamestop have my email? Had I been informed I would have just switched it to a digital copy before 9/22 so I could still get my pre order items. My receipt from gamestop shows product not found for my original pre order meaning it was removed from their system. Gamestop tells me it was arenanet that decided to only offer digital copies after physical copies were already sold for pre order. Lucy you got some splainin to do. You want screenshots I can get screenshots. I want my pre order items that I had already paid for.


  • The Path of Fire FAQ stated that the expansion would be primarily only offered as a digital download. I would think if they had actually made a different deal with Game Stop, a rather large retailer, they would have said something different.

    Regardless, you can contact the CS Team and ask to be allowed to acquire the pre-purchase bonuses via the 'Support' link above/below.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the input sounds like gamestop may have been doing something fishy then. Now that I think about it this isn't the first time that particular gamestop has done this. Since they gave the refund as in store credit which they can give when they want I'm wondering if they just pocketed my money and canceled my pre order the day I placed it without my consent. I'll see if I can locate the number to their corporate office . I did already speak to a GM from arenanet about another matter and later mentioned my pre order issue and was advised the information regarding my pre order issue was forwarded to the appropriate team.

  • It would not be the first time there have been complaints about Game Stop. I'd take it to the highest possible contact in the corporate office there. You know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease....kind of thing.

    Good luck.

  • Yeah exactly lol.

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    Do be aware, though. Pre-orders do not, did not, and would not qualify for any pre-purchase bonuses. If Game Stop was advertising bonuses with pre-orders, then they were giving out false information. Paying ahead for a pre-order does not make it a pre-purchase. Pre-purchases give the Serial Key at the time of purchase.

    This may answer additional questions: This page has been available for a couple of months, or so.