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so im a healer looking to raid

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I'm the Lieutenant for a bounty Train - which is one of the most popular Bounty Trains for Path of Fire areas.
I play a tempest/water/staff healer.
I use ARC as my dps meter to show my healing stats, and I easily hit 1.3 million - 1.7 million healing when people take a lot of damage during the train. Everyone is constantly telling me that I should be a healer for a raid group, to put my healing to better use. I talked to my squad leader and he tells me my setup is raid worthy.
Issue is, I dont wanna join a guild that teaches raids. I wanna be taught by a group of tight-knit professionals. When you join a raid training guild, you're treated like another number, herded like cattle, and sometimes ignored or forgot about. I want to learn from a group of friends, I want to prove myself, and do whatever I need to get better. I'm an excellent listener, and a fast learner.
Is there anyone who might be willing to help me here?


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    So 2 things.
    1. An Auramancer is usually used as a supplement healer in raids and only in couple raid encounters ( Wing 2 Matthias, Wing 4 Carin sometimes, Wing 5 Soulless Horror, and can be used in Dhuum for Kiting etc.). Druids are still the dominant healer due to several burst healing and healing uptime, Plus might and fury generation. So usually there will always be the druid healers and maybe an auramancer
    2. As it relates to raid training guild- not all guilds are like that. Most times it depends on the individual player themselves who don't communicate with the leaders/officers of the guild to be involved.

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