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[EU][PvE][Raids] Intended Wipe [IW] seeking for more dedicated raiders

We're a static guild that has recently been reformed. Some of our current members are familiar with all raid wings and we've done all the CMs including Dhuum. We're at the moment looking for more solid and flexible players with more than 1 main. Chrono, druid and bs mains are what we're mostly interested in.

To apply you'll have to be up to date with our requirements

  • Being able to join Discord/TS for communication.
  • Have at least a druid, chrono or bannerslave as your main. (If you have DPS as your main you must be able to perform with either one of these options on a high skill level.)
    1. Weaver - Renegade/Soulbeast - Holosmith
    2. Dragonhunter - Renegade - Holosmith
    3. Mirage - Scourge/Reaper - Dragonhunter - Soulbeast
    NOTE! If you have BS as your main we DO highly prefer if you have both condi & power set whilst for Chrono you should've both tank and offchrono gear.

  • Knowledge of your class and the different encounters.

  • Improvisation, be able to adapt to different kind of situations.
  • Activity in either dungeons, fractals or raids outside of our runs.
  • Take some things with a grain of salt (Our guild loves to mess around and kitten talk each other for the memes).

What we offer you

  • Daily fractals
  • Dungeons
  • Guild missions
  • Guild hall
  • Weekly raids
  • CM runs again in the near future
  • Training with your class
  • Social atmosphere and memes
  • Discord

Raid days

  • Thursday 2030 CEST / 1830 Server time
  • Friday 2030 CEST / 1830 Server time
  • Saturday 2030 CEST / 1830 Server time

We usually only spend 1 night for all 5 wings but if thursday doesn't fit for someone or we're too slow we have 2 other available days. These are available raid days, not days we have a run.
It takes approximately 3 hours for us to fullclear, including wipes and small breaks inbetween.

Contact me with the info below to apply.
Discord: AAMelon#5229
GW2: AaMelon.3509


  • Recruitment still open

  • Kwan.1534Kwan.1534 Member
    edited April 16, 2018

    Hello. I'm interested in joining the guild. I've sent you a friend request on discord. Please accept it so that we can talk about some details. Thank you.

    Edit: resolved

  • AaMelon.3509AaMelon.3509 Member
    edited July 21, 2018

    Recruitment open again but currently looking for confident chrono mains only, there's also a spot in the sell team.
    We sell actively and so far we've sold everything including dhuum cms.

  • Still recruiting

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