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[NA][WvW/EST] [POG] Pack Of Goblins - Outnumbered Fights and GvG - Crystal Desert.

Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭
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We are [POG] Pack Of Goblins, AKA nTm, gV, or rS. We are a competitive WvW guild who enjoy GvG and outnumbered combat. We raid during Eastern standard time, four times a week. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and Resets anywhere from 8:30pm EST - 11pm EST usually for about an hour and a half depending on the quality of fights we get. We run 10 - 15, usually against 20+ squads and die a lot, our requirements and goals are as follows:

Goals -

  1. The Ultimate Dominator Title (Kills)
  2. Compete in GvG.
  3. Improve as a group, and individually.
  4. Have Fun.

We require a lot and are very picky with our recruitment, to expect a place on the roster we require -

  1. A Good competitive attitude with minimal attribution errors.
  2. Flexibility with fitting your build and class to what the guild needs.
  3. Be open minded regarding strategy.
  4. Use discord.
  5. Take criticism well, and have thick skin to an extent.
  6. Be able to handle crude humor.
  7. Ability to record is imperative to fast improvement.
  8. Be willing to run it down and die a lot.

There's no exceptions to these rules especially regarding guild builds and discord, you will be let know if there is an issue, please just communicate it with myself or others, communication is key.

Contact my in game for info. We are currently recruiting no specific classes but people who are willing to adapt and play what is required. Firebrands/Scourges Always priority.


  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Currently looking for a Chrono, Firebrand, Scourge, Spellbreaker, and a Scrapper.

  • Bump. Looking for a Scourge, a Thief, a Firebrand, a Revenant and one soulbeast.

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Bump, looking for all classes ! Firebrands, Spellbreakers, Chronomancers, Scrapper.
    Willing to take returning players if you can record!

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Some fight highlights from last month.

  • Lanthun.7251Lanthun.7251 Member ✭✭

    Have to give this guild some credit; some decent match ups they provided (until the numbers got the best of them)!

    Teacher, gamer, uncle, etc..
    Devils Remorse, lvl80 MP257 Scourge (filthy)
    Phantom Moon [PM] GM/Founder

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Bump, looking for Firebrand players looking to improve!

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Bump, still looking for those firebrands who want to learn and gvg :>

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Looking for Heavies, FB, SBs, Heralds.

  • Tron.1763Tron.1763 Member ✭✭
    edited July 8, 2018

    Hello July 4th moved back to Crystal Dessert (desert). Looking to join a /WvW and doing other things guild. I have soul beast as main and developing 11 other toons. Goal is to have all types ready for when a build is called on. Goal has not been easy to achieve only been playing for 1.5 years. But I [LOVE] making friends with guilds I go up against makes me feel special when they put a toon in base camp to monitor when I leave where I can't re join squad LOL. Soul beast is power build, did not like Condi as you had to figure out how to get behind or to side of enemy to do greatest damage. So maybe I can try different builds for soul beast....worse that can happen is I die and come back again...lol.

    Formally ran on dragons brand Server than SoS Server.

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Currently LF - 1 Blood Magic Scourge, 1 Firebrand, and 1 DPS Scrapper. Dm me in game @Gixx.1756

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Bump looking for meme loving friends to win the kills

  • Gixx.1756Gixx.1756 Member ✭✭

    Bump, back and renamed again.

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