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[EU] Rebel Raiding [rawr] lf 1 heal/DPS | No repr. | CoZ | VitV | members ~ 1.000 - 2.000+ LI

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Hi all,
Rebel Raiding [rawr] recruits dedicated raid players.
I'd like to give you a short overview:

  • Our guild clears wings since November 2015 (release of first wing)
  • Our members have between 1.000 and 2.000+ LI, most of them 'Voice in the Void' or 'Champion of Zommoros'
  • Our highest priority: Clear every wing within 30m and no fullwipe
  • We use Discord to organize raids, fractals and dungeons
  • We have two guild ranks: Core and Friends
  • Core members have a reserved slot in Monday / Tuesday fullruns
  • Friends members are often part of a different raid team & join [rawr] to discuss topics or strategies with a high-skilled raid community and to join raids, fractals and dungeons
  • Some Friends members want to join the Core team in future: In our experience we're looking for a new 'Core' member every ~ 6 weeks because people have less time for GW2 or raids
  • There's no trial test or LI requirement because I decide on your individual information if you fit to [rawr] or not
  • For further details please open the link below

More details: https://tinyurl.com/rawrraids

Please contact me ingame: Xaina.5418 or via Discord Xaina#5418
I'm not active right now; please contact our raid lead instead: Guild Wars 2: Lordarnoud.8973 or Discord: lordarnoud#1598


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