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[Suggestion] Toggle for player character lighting

I would like to suggest one change to the graphics interchange; Setting shaders to high should be separate from the character lighting that appears from the right. The lighting inconsistently affects armor and weapons, but not backpacks. Mounts also have a strange aura when shaders set to high, something i also very much dislike.

Shaders on High

Shaders on Medium

I would very much love to separate the environment from our characters in the graphics setting. Breaking down shaders into lesser categories would also do the trick, allowing us to costumize our games look. Floating light sources and character outlines are not shaders themselves to my understanding. While i could play with medium shaders, as you can see the rivers and other moving waters in the game is very much negatively impacted and makes the broken reflections on that texture even more apparent. (Reflections are turned OFF in all screenshots and od not affect the ones shown anyway)

Seeing the shadow of my characters arm constantly flail on the hip is really off putting and looks unrealistic. Turning it off completely is an improvement as the little character lighting there is, will come from actual ingame lightsources be it lanterns, lamps, campfires, the sun/moon and so forth.


  • Atelia.4852Atelia.4852 Member ✭✭

    I'd love to see shaders at least split between your character model, mounts, and the environment. I love turning shaders on high for my mounts- a few of the more shiny ones (like the storm ridge raptor) really benefit from higher-quality shaders, but my character model gets weird shiny lines on her when I turn up shaders.

    High shaders:

    My character has shiny lines on her forearms and calves, but the raptor looks REALLY nice.

    Low shaders:

    My character doesn't have shiny lines at all, but the raptor looks a little lackluster, especially in comparison to the high-shader raptor.

  • Penguin.1345Penguin.1345 Member ✭✭

    Still sad this is a thing :confused:

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