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Raid Squad character rendering

heller drake.2617heller drake.2617 Member
edited May 16, 2018 in Account & Technical Support

Since the last Windows 10 update 1803 I got some bothersome fps drop in crowded areas that forced me to reduce the number and the quality of character rendered in city areas to Low/Low in order to hit a median of +40fps.

So, given this premises, I would like to point out that setting the max rendered character to low lets the game engine render less than 10 people if too far away. I would say that such distance 1600 unit in game metrics since while doing Deimos as BK I always have such problem.

So my question here is: would it be possible to force the game engine to render all the characters (since they are only 10) only while in raids area and with the chosen quality?

Always changing those settings when I go in/out from raids is a bit of a nuisance. :(

PS: I hope to be in the right session of the forum.

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