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Hard computer crash to weird screen just before entering Gandara during story instance

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Hello. The other day my wife and I were playing the recently released LS4 story. The instances were progressing just fine, but we then got to the part where you were crossing the bridge, fighting Awakened, until you reach the big door at the end to enter Joko's fortress. Just as the door opened the game crashed, and a second or two later I was sent to a really weird, glitched out screen on my computer (my wife did NOT crash). It was essentially a blue screen (not of death, thankfully) but it was all pixelated and had some weird tearing on it. I couldn't make out what it said on the left side (where the blue screen actually appeared) because of the pixelization so I couldn't really pinpoint what caused the crash. I can, however, tell you what my wife and I were doing just before the crash...

-I was playing a norn Reaper and used greatsword skill 2 just before the crash
-My wife was using one of her mark skills on her staff; neither of us can remember which one it was
-She was using a one of her minions but neither of us can remember which one
-All of the Awakened in front of the door were dead before it opened and crashed
-The door fully opened, then the crash happened a second or two after
-If it's any help, our laptops are virtually identical with the same specs, which I'll post if needed
-Neither of us were mounted
-Neither of us were gliding
-She was using the base necromancer spec, I was a reaper
-We are both norn
-I am using the 64-bit client, she is using the 32-bit client
-We were both fully patched, nothing was downloading, and no programs other than anti-virus (avast!), anti-malware (Malwarebytes) and required Windows processes were running in the background.

Playing other games doesn't result in a crash or the weird screen. I've played others since the crash; namely Terraria, Minecraft (both Java and Win10 edition), various emulators, the Elder Scrolls Online, and others.

As I said, everything was just fine up until that door opened. We were just playing, shooting conversations around and having fun, then out of nowhere it crashed me. I'm afraid to play the game again because it might do harm to my computer, and for some reason I can't get the -repair command line to work anymore.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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