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Streamers Lets help each other!

Hello guys, I'm a Guild Wars 2 streamer and I juts came up with an idea to help us (new streamers) get some exposure. Whta I'm asking is that you guys post here your Twitch Channel and talk a litle about what its about, and so that way the GW2 community will get to know us more and we can share each other channel, so we can all benefit from It.
My post will serve as an example of how you can show us you channel. So here it goes:

  • Hello Guys so my name is Alexandre Verissimo aka Festoflk. I'm 22y old and I'm from Portugal.
    I'm a Twitch streamer, it's my hobby, and I mainly stream Guild Wars 2. I do mainly PVE, and trying to get myself to raids (never done one here, so any help is aprecieated), but i also do some PVP for thos bloodtirsty ones :).

  • So I hope to see you guys on the stream for loads of FUN.

  • Heres the Link for my channel:

See you around guys,
Festfolk Out!

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