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[NA][PvE] Aincrad Sao - Casual Guild Looking for Members

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Hiya,Aincrad Sao here. You know the 100 floor castle you had to fight through..well im sure some of you know it,but lets just say that's not what we are here for. The guilds name may be Aincrad,but we are in no way a guild based around dieing.

We are a casual guild looking to make a community of close friends who enjoy the game just as much as we do and to teach those who may be new to the game as well. Our guild is as you can put it based around an anime community and to say the least we are just a goofy bunch who plays to have fun. We are a LGBT friendly guild and are also accepting of anyone with any disability as well.
Aincrad's times are from anywhere between 2pm Est-around 2am Est, As some of our members do have jobs or School and arn't always able to get on til late in the evenings. Your more likely to see most of us on after 6pm est.

Guild Armory

Requirements for Joining

⦁ If members go inactive after 4 months they will get removed from the guild,its unfortunate,but we need active members not a guild full of inactive users.
⦁ We do not allow elitism in our guild and it will not be tolerated
If you join you are required to try out the guild for a week
If you join and never help or talk to anyone in the guild after 2 weeks, you risk being kicked from the guild
⦁ You do not have to have Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire to join, Expansions are a plus.
⦁ Representing the guild is optional, but required during guild missions
⦁ We would like sociable users who actually talk and ask for help when needed
⦁ We run later in the day as some of our members work during the day.
Discord is Required to join or you will miss out on any important info about whats going on as we dont always post it in game guild chat.
⦁ Must be 18 years or older to join. (however we can’t Inforce this. We just want to put out a warning for those who are younger that, by wanting to join you are joining a community with members in there twenties and up.)
⦁ The guild is located on Dragon Brand,but we do not require anyone to switch servers, that is solely up to the members if they wish to do WvW.

What we Offer

⦁ PvE
⦁ PvP
⦁ WvW
⦁ Guild Missions - Which happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm Est
⦁ Fractals
⦁ Dungeons
⦁ Map Metas
⦁ World Bosses
⦁ Hp,Wp,Mastery Runs
⦁ Raiding - Coming Soon
⦁ Anything we feel up to at any given time

If you have questions feel free to ask the Guild Leaders or ask in here.

If you are interested in Joining, please make a post in here or pm us in game. :)



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