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Hi there, I know this is a long shot, but from what I saw in game and for my own experience a lot o people, hate this "rng" based events, not all of them tho Looking at you, yes you who got 2/3 ember infusion or something from 5 bags :) . Is there a way to improve the next events ? I don't know let's say we keep this rng system, let's say you have some bags, you can either open them, or gather some of them, and exchange them at an "event npc" for various good/nice items(I know this was the case with this Halloween event too, what I'm saying is that you can actually get the items that drops from the bags if you have the right amount, not to gather an infinite amount of candies, for 2 or 3 items that are actually nice and fun) , that way we all get something, the gambling junkies get their chance to open 100000k bags, and the other unlucky lot, can gather them and exchange them for something they can really use.(not some infinite amount of candies and tonics that end up being thrown away).
The items you can get from the "special npc" can be bound so this way even the game economy remains kindly untouched.
Make the event items a little hard to drop, and don't go too high with the amount the items you need.