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Convergence of Sorrow I Elegy - collection items sunk in the terrain/unclickable

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Hello there,
Yesterday I've decided to finally do the Elegy collection and when I got to the "Child's toy" part I've encountered a bug where the item (the toy beetle) would not be visible (just its name was showing and disappearing depending on the angle) and therefore not clickable - it looks like it's sinking in the terrain. The same issue occurs with the "Portrait of a wife".
I don't see any other reports regarding this issue, so probably it's something rather new ;) It happened for both me and my husband, we tried to relog etc., but it didn't work. My husband said that for a brief second he could see the item right after logging in, but then it sank before he could interact with it. I reported the issue with both items in game, but thought to do it here too.

EDIT: It seems that the bug might be not what we thought exactly. I noticed I was missing an item listed in the collection BEFORE the Child's Toy and when I got it, the toy beetle was functioning properly as well as portrait, so I assume the collection requires you to get them in specific order. However, I'm not sure if the toy and portrait should be visible yet not clickable for players who didn't get the previous items for this collection, so I'm leaving my bug report just in case it's not working as intended.

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