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EU - Aurora Glade - PVE Looking For Guild

Arasaris.5681Arasaris.5681 Member
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I am looking for a PVE guild that is raiding and doing fractals. I also enjoy some Structured PvP and World completion if I am in the mood.
I am looking for something between Casual and Hardcore...
Main - Guardian DH full ascended gear with berserker stats
Alt - Warrior SPB boon-strip (still learning) Full ascended gear with Bers stats with Assassins to complete crit cap (In some time I also want to make Yassiths gear to have Condi berserker - Banner slave)
Raid Exp - Bosses I have already killed - Vale guardian, escort, cairn, mursat, Samarog

Motivation - I want to clear every raid boss and every fractal that is available in GW2 and I don't care for speed runs ... I don't mind wiping, but I do mind the bad attitude of raiders.
Something about me:
Name: Denis "Arasaron"
From: Czech Republic
Age: 21
Hobbies: Gaming, Amateur PC building, Watching NBA, playing Basketball, My job, TV shows like GoT/Vikings/Last Kingdom/Family Guy

**Contact me on: **

Discord - Arasaron#6067 (Prio)
Anet/gw2 - Arasaris.5681

Usually online between 17 - 23 CET

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