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[EU] New fast growing serious pvx guild called QuantiumBase is recruiting!

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Hello everybody, as the title says. We're a fast growing guild with 3 leaders, me (TildoX), Demoltionforce that played this game since beta and kento!. I'll be mainly focusing with kento on pvp but pve to and demoltionforce will lead the pve content since he has a very large experince about this game. I have been leading a guild for about 4-5 years @ other mmoprg games and demoltionforce even longer! We're working hard to build a nice home for everybody doesn't matter if its a new player or experinced one. We have simple rules like don't be selfish support ur guild whenever you can and have time ofc. Our main goal is to have fun ofc but we'll do everything to make us seen everywhere!

To join us you need only to use the discord with us, discord is not only for communicating, at discord you'll find all the important stuff about events, news yeah everything thats related to the guild. Discord is really important at pvp and raids and so on where the communicate is key to win.

We'll even run once a month guild events with prizes from gem store to make the guild members have fun and so everybody get along :)

Now you see a random guild? give me at least one year and we'll be seen everywhere!


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