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GPU usage in new story instances

As of yesterday I noticed I higher GPU usage the normal. While my CPU usage was way lower than usually.
I just noticed it as I heard the fans of my GPU spin for the first time ever while playing GW2 and I was generally confused.
After monitoring it for a while it turned out the my CPU usage is usually around 90 while playing gw2 (with arcdps) while my GPU sits back at around max 60%.
However, during that instances it was he other way round. My GPU was at ~88% average while my CPU was sitting at max 65%.
Short specs: i5-6600K, GTX 1070Ti.
So, anyone noticed sth similar? Any devs can comment on this?
While the GPU usage still seemed to high I would be grateful for any move away from the CPU loaded architecture.


  • It's natural. MMOs use quite a bit of CPU power to track and predict other players' movement around you. When you're in an instance, there are fewer other players (or none) to track, so the CPU gets a "break" and thus your FPS increases, then demanding more GPU resources to draw.

    GW2 also utilizes multiple CPU cores poorly. The only solution (aside from getting a new CPU) would be to try to overclock your current CPU to get improved FPS outside of instances.

  • I know all of this.
    Yet this occured only after "All or Nothing".
    I didnt have that happening before, was it on PoF maps/instances nor anywhere else.
    Since the patch however my CPU usage is significantly lower in instances whereas my GPU gets more utilized.
    In crowded spaes nothing has changed that much sadly

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