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Casual "veteran" player looking for guild [EU][PvX][RoS]

Halcwm.2690Halcwm.2690 Member ✭✭
edited January 18, 2019 in Looking For Guild

Hello, I am very casual player from central europe (GMT+1) and I looking for rather smaller guild (or new), ideally on Ruins of Surmia server. I don't care about meta builds, best ways to do something and other "must to learn" things. I play this game on my own and for fun. So I am looking for people with similar playstyle. After five years i still don't know much about fractals, dungeons, pvp, wvw but i like it and i gladly start with this more properly. And meine inglés isnt perfecto :)

Thanks for your time and if you want to try it with me, you can catch me in-game (Halcwm.2690)


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