Sneak peak at the new Guild Wars 2 Music site, yet we 'need' the instruments working, Anet! (Video) — Guild Wars 2 Forums

Sneak peak at the new Guild Wars 2 Music site, yet we 'need' the instruments working, Anet! (Video)

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Hello, this is Valdrimari, former member of gw2mb : )

Note: The background image is only a placeholder until we design something else. I also purposely did not open the 'Personal Preference' tab, because that would be giving too many secrets away before we release the site.

Since my war with the creator of gw2mb broke out last year for various reasons regarding poor site administration (to make a very long story short), it seems many players thought I was kidding when I mentioned on the gw2mb forums (and in-game) that a new music site is being created to rival gw2mb that will also come with many advanced tools/featured that do not exist on gw2mb.

So to put all those doubts to rest, I was not kidding, and today I am going to share with you all a little sneak peak at the new site being created for the Guild Wars 2 instruments.

The song I tabbed in the video you hear playing is Child of Light - Path of the Eclipse:

P.S. I warned the founder of gw2mb I would have someone help me create a much better site than his site for the Guild Wars 2 instruments if he insisted on not making amends, etc. (and he chose not to), and a very unexpected reputable web creator just so happened to reach out to me voluntarily who was more than willing to help me create the new site.

Enjoy : )

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